• Colored Pencils 21.02.2009

    Hydrangeas in Crystal Still working on the tabletop but had to take a break.  My fingers never ache as I have a very light touch but my shoulder freezes.  🙂

    This was taken directly from a photograph and I can see I need to tweak the design a little bit here and there.  It was a lot of fun. I am pleased with the light values I was able to achieve on the dark paper.  This will be an advanced seminar – although technique is the same.  The definition is the speed at which it is taught and the amount of help. I prefer to walk around the class instead of showing petal by petal.

    I am trying to decide if I want to dissolve the tabletop or just persevere until it is the way I want it. Decisions, decisions.

    Posted by Marian @ 5:39 pm

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    • WOW, that is beautiful! The crystal is just amazing. I hope I get my HOOT class with you this summer.

    • Thanks Teresa. I would like to do more crystal pieces as it fascinates me. This little basket was given to me by a friend of my Mothers from England. I have known her for more than 50 years! I’m dating myself but I have so many special pieces and I want to capture them.

    • Just beautiful, Marian…it looks like I can actually reach out and touch the hydrangea petals!! And the effect of the crystal container is truly amazing. I hope I get the chance to take this seminar with you!!! t.

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