• Colored Pencils 10.04.2013 Comments Off on Practice really works.

    My husband, John, attends most of my classes with me. He’s the tech guy who sets up my projector, screen, sound system, etc.  After a beginners class where I taught John’s Rose, he decided that he ‘could do that’.

    He did not want me to help him, he just wanted the instructions and a sample to study.  Ok, so I set him up and he went to work. Below, you will see his first attempt.  When it was done, he thought he could ‘do better’ so sat down and did it again the next day. Can you see the difference?  He has more contrast, he can ‘see’ the darks now, he can blend the highlights.I was very impressed. Remember, this was with no help from me whatsoever.  He did say that he hated the Raspberry pencil as it seemed to have a mind of its own so use a light touch when you get to that one.

    I hope this will inspire you to try colored pencils and to keep practicing. [Please forgive the quality of the photos, they were taken quickly with my phone while the camera charges.]

    This is his very first attempt at Colored Pencil painting.
    jjrose002This is his second attempt the next day. Can you see the difference?