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    This morning I sat at my kitchen table watching a squirrel run up and down and round and about and back again.  Most entertaining and very enjoyable.  I took an extra half hour of time for myself before starting work.  We all hurry through life missing so many simple pleasures and you know what? The world did NOT come to an end during that time.

    My version of taking the time to “smell the roses”.  What have you done today for yourself?

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    Even though we’ve been up in Ohio for about 6 years now I am still thrilled when Deer wander through our back yard.  Yesterday a Doe came closer than usual. All went well until a gust of wind moved the rocking chair right outside the window where I was standing.   She didn’t like that one bit and started stamping her foot.  This is the closest they’ve been to the house – she was not 20 yards away from me.

    Small deer in our backyard

    Small deer in our backyard

  • Colored Pencils 21.10.2008 Comments Off on Welcome!

    Welcome to the world of Marian Jackson – who paints with colored pencils.  I will post tips, hints and my discoveries here in the hope that it will help you on your journey.