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    This is a larger painting but the technique is the same.  It was fun to paint with brighter colors and use the value of the paper to control the intensity. Available from my website.

    11 pages; 15 color images, 1 line drawing.  The format of this tutorial is a little different as I have not done step-by-step images for each blossom. There are too many. Each blossom has a color photo with instructions written next to it so that you can work from  it.

    Blue Orchids

    Blue Orchids


    Paper: Black Stonehenge, un-textured side. I cut mine 16×20 to match the mat size, but a smaller size would also work.

    Prismacolor Wax Pencils used in this painting.

    Blue Violet Lake Indigo Blue
    Cerulean Blue Light Aquamarine
    Chartreuse Light Cerulean Blue
    China Blue Mediterranean Blue
    Cobalt Turquoise Muted Turquoise
    Cool Grey 10% Parrot Green
    Cool Grey 30% Peacock Blue
    Cool Grey 50% Periwinkle
    Cool Grey 70% Powder Blue
    Cool Grey 90% Prussian Green
    Copenhagen Blue Slate Blue
    Cream Sienna Brown * tiny amount
    Indanthrone Blue White