• Colored Pencils 23.12.2014

    YelloMJrosesmall2w Rose is my second project for 2015 on the Colored Pencils Club. I’m thinking also of the possibility of several background color choices. I didn’t want to get this too complicated as we have so many beginners subscribing, but I believe you will learn something regardless and it’s interesting enough for advanced painters. Always fun to put your own spin on an painting like this.

    The subscription is $110 for 12 projects by numerous National and International artist, many with videos to go along with the written instructions. My classes will have videos. This online course is like a mini convention that you attend in your own time frame. Classes are available until December 31, 2015.

    Please subscribe if you haven’t already using this link as it’s the only way we get paid. Looking forward to this joint venture with you. Gift Certificates are available also.
    Click here to visit Colored Pencils Club.

    The Colander & Plums goes live
    January 1, 2015


    Posted by Marian @ 3:50 pm

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