• Colored Pencils 16.11.2008

    I like to decorate mats around paintings and I discovered that using Colored Pencils with Rebecca Baer’s Petite and Elegant stencils work wonderfully.  A few things to be aware of.  Prismacolor pencils are soft wax based to enable lovely layering and blending.  As such it sometimes produces a not so sharp line, especially on mats that have been custom painted with acrylic paint.  I found that the less expensive brands, such as Prang, or even Crayola, work better in these instances.  As always TEST, TEST, TEST.  In a pinch put a specific pencil in the freezer for a while to make it less ‘soft’.

    With a little practice you will learn what works for you but I am totally thrilled with the results.  I used a regular sized stencil on this painted mat.  I think it would have been better with Prismacolor Verithin pencils or a lesser brand but it was my first attempt and I still like it.  Rebecca’s website.

    Posted by Marian @ 4:13 pm

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    • Dear Marian:
      I am interested in decorating mats and I feel it adds to the painting.
      I was very pleased to read and learn some of the ways that are used to decorate the mats such as: in order to get a sharper line, I need to freeze a pencil for a time to harden the point.
      I painted the green apple in a class that you taught and I am so pleased with the results and I would like to frame it with a mat that would add to my piece. I thank you for the information.
      I enjoy reading “how to’s” from other artists, it is a good learning tool.