• Personal 09.12.2008

    Perfect gift for the book lover.  I like to read!  A LOT!  I also have about a dozen different book lights because I keep buying them trying to find the perfect one that works for me. Many seem to be fine but the light is so dim that I can’t read the bottom of the page. Top of the page is just fine but halfway down I find myself struggling and squinting. Ok, you can blame that on age too.   🙂

    I finally found a book light that really works.  Not only is the light bright enough but the arm is long enough that I can turn pages without interference. It is the LUMEN wireless LED book/computer light. It runs on batteries or plugs into the USB port on your laptop.  It has a long flexible neck that can be positioned anywhere.  I tried finding it on the web but it seems to be a Costco exclusive.  It’s the perfect gift for your favorite bibliophile.

    Posted by Marian @ 8:16 am

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